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Trainee Train Drivers

As a trainee train driver you will receive extensive training in order to drive our trains across the LOROL network.

In the role, you will work alone, be required to maintain high levels of concentration at all times and be willing to accept the high level of responsibility associated with the role.

You will be safety conscious and will have to deal with pressurised situations and emergencies. In addition you will work as a team player, communicating with the control function and delivering excellent customer service skills at all times.

Shift work will be required on a rotating shift basis with some shifts starting as early as 4am. Successful candidates will also have to pass minimum medical criteria for health and safety reasons. These include meeting specific visual and hearing standards.

Driver Instructors

Driver instructors within LOROL carry out a range of instruction activities. They deliver training to drivers on the trains themselves and also teach trainees new to the rail industry in various environments. Their people skills are critical in making a success of this role!

The role also requires driver instructors to drive traction units and carry out maintenance duties in a safe and effective manner.

In order to join our team in this role you will be trained and certified to instruct and assess. You will be aware of driver rules and regulations, be fully competent in traction instruction and hold a current personal track safety certificate.

Driver Managers

Our driver managers play a critical role in the business through managing a team of drivers on a daily basis. We are looking for individuals who are people focused and can lead their teams to deliver on performance targets. These individuals ensure that drivers are used in the most effective way to ensure the reliable operation of the train plan and that customer service satisfaction targets are met.

Driver managers are responsible for operational safety and the competence assessment of drivers, developing their team to meet the highest standards. They will be expected to manage all employee issues and as such will have a good knowledge of conditions of service and rostering practices.

Applicants for these roles should have extensive train driving experience and an excellent knowledge of associated rules and regulations relating to signalling systems and principles.

Previous management experience is a requirement with evidence of improving levels of driver performance.

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