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Our Roles

There are a huge variety of roles and career opportunities at LOROL. Here is some more information on the most popular ones.

Customer Hosts

Customer Hosts are, as the job title suggests, extremely customer focused with a 'can do' attitude. They're highly visible on our stations, responding to customer needs and offering a reassuring presence and providing information.

Safety of customers and the station is a key part of the job. You'll play an important role in monitoring CCTV, undertaking and recording security searches and dealing with evacuation plans, should they have to be implemented. You'll also need to assist customers during service disruption, should this take place on the network.

Revenue protection is another important part of this role and you'll be required to sell travel products, help customers to use ticket machines and also monitor and manage the station gate-line in a friendly and professional manner.

Station Assistants

LOROL's Station Assistants are a very visible presence at our stations and play a vital role in welcoming and assisting customers.

You'll need to communicate with passengers in a straightforward way, either face-to-face or on the PA system, advising them on anything from ticket types to information relating to train services.

As a Station Assistant you'll need to have excellent customer service skills, be self-motivated to make things happen and demonstrate 'a can do' attitude to problem solving in your work.

Customer Service Ambassadors

LOROL's Customer Service Ambassadors are responsible for customers' travel experience across the LOROL network and ensure customers' well being and safety is a priority, particularly when overcrowding is an issue on the network or during disruption.

You'll need to be a confident and outgoing customer-focused individual who is flexible, able to think on their feet and full of initiative. As a key first point of contact for customers you'll be the face of LOROL. This means you will need to be approachable, smart and thrive on interacting with customers.

Train Drivers and Trainee Train Drivers

As a LOROL Train Driver you will work alone, be required to maintain high levels of concentration at all times and be willing to accept the high level of responsibility associated with the role.

To do this successfully, you'll need to be safety conscious and able to deal with pressurised situations and emergencies. But you'll also be required to work as a team player, communicating with the Control function and delivering excellent customer service skills at all times.

Shift work will be required on a rotating shift basis with some shifts starting as early as 4am.

Our Train Drivers receive extensive training in order to drive our trains across the LOROL network and you will have to pass minimum medical criteria for health and safety reasons, including specific visual and hearing standards.

To read more about the requirements to apply for a trainee driver role, see the Trainee Driver FAQs.

Driver Instructors

To be a Driver Instructor at LOROL you'll need to be trained and certified to instruct and assess. You'll be aware of driver rules and regulations, be fully competent in traction instruction and hold a current personal track safety certificate.

Our Driver Instructors carry out a range of instruction activities, including delivering training to drivers on the trains as well as teaching trainees. This means that people skills are very important, as is the need for strong communication skills.

Alongside your instruction work, you'll also be required to drive traction units and carry out maintenance duties in a safe and effective manner.

Driver Managers

LOROL's Driver Managers need to ensure Drivers are used in the most effective way to meet our operational, safety and customer service commitments. This is a business critical role and you need to be people focused, with a 'can do' attitude to ensure you lead your team effectively and deliver on performance targets.

Driver Managers are also responsible for operational safety and the competence assessment of drivers, developing their team to meet the highest standards. As such, you'll be expected to manage all employee issues and have a good knowledge of conditions of service and rostering practices.

You'll also need extensive train driving experience and an excellent knowledge of associated rules and regulations relating to signalling systems and principles. Previous management experience is also required, as is evidence of improving levels of driver performance.

Traincare Operatives

Traincare Operatives ensure the inside and outside of our trains are kept clean at all times and as a result, ensuring that passengers travel in a comfortable environment and enjoy their journey. As part of this role you'll also be responsible for reporting any defects found on the trains while you're cleaning them.

Working as a Traincare Operative means you'll need to be flexible and able to work shifts. It's also important that you have good communication skills and be able to work as part of a team in a safe, professional and polite way.